Matt & Abby


Couples who train together stay together...

In the past, everyone thought we were an in-shape couple because we were 'skinny'. We did not workout and had unhealthy food choices. We knew as a couple we had to start taking care of ourselves now in order to set ourselves up for a healthy future. Today, we have made health and fitness apart of our lives. Lindsay has taught us about balance, making healthy food choices, working out, and much more! Without her guidance we would still be a lost couple making unhealthy choices. Our energy levels are up, we are stronger, happier and healthier couple!

-Matt & Abby 



I'm stronger in my 40's...

I did not get into fitness until later in my adulthood. I have worked out with trainers in the past, but working out with Lindsay was different. Previous trainers would place me on machine from machine, and I eventually plateaued. Working out with Lindsay has opened my mind up to other forms of training like circuit training, functional training, and powerlifting. I now have more confidence in myself and my ability to lift weights. She has pushed me outside of my comfort zone, and today I am stronger than have ever been! 




I'm not the type who is self motivated to workout at all. I knew I needed someone to push me to workout. My goals where to be more toned and increase my energy levels. I hired Lindsay for one-on-one Personal Training; 3-4 days per week. I started to notice more muscle tone, my energy level increase, and I physically could do things I never thought I could! She helped me get in shape for my wedding, and more importantly she gave me confidence to walk down the isle in a dress I loved! I bring my new found confidence throughout my daily life. I know whatever life will bring me in the future- class reunion-pregnancy-or bouncing back in shape- Lindsay will always be there every step of the way!

Written Testimonials


I’ve been training with Lindsay for over a year. From the beginning, she took a genuine interest in my training. She took the time to understand my health goals, consistently designed workouts specific to reaching them, which also fit into my schedule, and also corrected strength imbalances. And the workouts were phenomenal. They consistently burned more calories in less time than what I was previously doing. Overall, I dropped weight, inches, and significantly improved my cardio thanks to Lindsay.

 - Jason